Dad’s 70th Birthday Party … and some down home party food

My Dad threw himself a surprise 70th Birthday party (yes, throwing himself a surprise party is just like my Dad). It was great to fly out to Denver and see my family twice in less than 30 days. Plus my Aunt Carol and cousin Linda drove in from Amarillo to cater the party.

We spent all afternoon hugging and laughing and catching up and cooking (under the direction of Aunt Carol and Linda). Every morsel was tasty and bursting with love.

Linda made some beautiful stuffed strawberries.


She took made two cuts in the bottom (pointy end) of each strawberry to make a kind of strawberry flower. And piped in a mixture of cream cheese, whipped cream (or cool whip) and powdered sugar.


Linda let me do the fun job of drizzling the melted chocolate over the stuffed strawberries. (Yes, I was dressed and ready to see the Saints defeat the Cardinals … Geaux Saints!)


These stuffed strawberries are easy, delicious and so pretty!


Next on the party menu was bacon wrapped little smokies. OMG … so decadent. These would make a perfect Superbowl party snack. She cut each piece of bacon into thirds, wrapped it around a little smoky and laid it out on a foil lined baking sheet. The baking sheet should be tightly packed with these babies. Then Linda packed about a quarter inch of brown sugar on top of the whole things and baked until the bacon is crisp.


The perfect mix of sweet savory saltiness.


And just for good measure, she made an adult milkshake punch which had vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk and Kahlua.


The table was just beautiful. This side featured an abundant veggie tray (the dip was ranch dressing with lots of fresh chopped dill), the bacon wrapped smokies, some veggies squares my Mom made (crescent roll crust topped with flavored cream cheese topped with a bunch of fresh minced veggies and cheese),


A big bucket of boiled shrimp and my lowly contribution, the cocktail sauce (ketchup with lots of horseradish and lemon juice)


Crackers, cheeses and dips and the birthday cake with the golf theme (my Dad is a golf fanatic).


And of course the tower of stuffed strawberries.


All of my Dad’s golf buddies showed up.


My Dad was really in his element and having a blast!


It was so good to be with him to help celebrate the momentous occasion and even better to have all of us girls together.



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